Thursday, 20 April 2017

Las Cuevas Beach - Trinidad

I read that the name "Las Cuevas" is derived from the Spanish word for caves and that there are many caves on this beach. I didn't notice any caves but the road behind the beach is elevated and you do see the rock formations. I walked from one side of the beach to the other side of the beach and back and that was 4 km. I then walked up towards Fort Abercromby and then through the village and then back on the beach. Another 2 km. There is a school and health center and fishing depot. Around Fort Abercromby is a nice hiking trail. The sandy shore is wide with plenty area to setup beach chairs and picnic blankets. Parking is limited and the earlier you set out to get there the less traffic you should encounter.

Through the mountains

Camping by the beach

Hiking trail

View from Fort Abercromby

Las Cuevas beach

Fishing boats

Back through the mountain

Morning face

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