Monday, 17 July 2017

Road Trip to Cedros, Icacos and Deep South

Our trip started from Cunupia and down the highway and through San Fernando. We passed Mosquito Creek and proceeded to our first stop which was the pitch lake. I was told we were going to Cedros but did not think there would be so many picturesque stops along the way. After leaving the pitch lake we stopped at Vessigny beach, Clifton Hill beach, Chatam ASJA masjid, Granville beach, Cedros Bay and Icacos. We wanted to stop at Columbus Bay but the rain. For our return trip we passed through Erin Road, Palo Seco, Siparia, Penal and Debe. Of course you must stop in Debe to buy Indian delicacies. The aloo pie I had was tasty. Things to note. Prepare for sandflies, the beach facilities have washrooms and look out for fruits to buy.

See also the video I did -

Pitch Lake

Vessigny Beach

Clifton Hill Beach

View from Chatam ASJA masjid

Granville Beach

Winding Country Roads

Cedros Bay


Debe Street Food

Back on the highway and heading home

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