Thursday, 9 November 2017

Bird Photography in Trinidad and Tobago

So I started walking with my old (8+ years) point and zoom Nikon P90 in my knapsack when I go long distance walking. Sharpness, detail and colours will be lacking but I can still hone my skills. There are some areas I pass where I can catch sight of birds. I am amateur at birding and it has been on and off for me and I seem to have lost my Birds of Trinidad and Tobago book (I had an older edition I bought in Nigel R Khan Tobago). Birds are majestic and make interesting subjects for photographing. Here are some recent shots I took. Also as part of this blog post I am creating a (work in progress) list of links showing birds of Trinidad and Tobago that can help with naming the birds you see. Did you know that there is a Trinidad & Tobago Bird Status & Distribution Committee and what about this funny birding language, "patterns of avian vagrancy"? Read on one website that the number of bird species (in Trinidad and Tobago) is 468. Follow me on instagram or twitter to see when I post new bird photos.

Possibly juvenile blackbird


Possibly female blue black grassquit

Possibly juvenile male blue black grassquit

Possibly female yellow headed blackbird

Looks like southern wren (house bird)

Striated heron

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