Thursday, 14 December 2017

My Photo 365 Project - Trinidad Photog

I always wanted to complete a photo 365 project. That is me taking and posting a photo every day for 365 days (or a year). I tried twice before but did not finish for various reasons one of which was that I wanted a perfect photo everyday (I was trying too hard). This time I am in a better place and for every photo, I am captioning it with a telling message. After each month I am posting a slideshow on my YouTube channel. I am already on DAY 30. Follow me on my socials to keep up. Below are some highlights so far.

I would recommend a photo 365 to anyone and especially photogs and creatives. What I am seeing - It's not about creating that amazing photo everyday, it's about being creative and experimenting and learning how to adjust things to create your portrayal.

Complete album for all 365 days on 500px

DAY 003 - Another day full of possibilities

DAY 005 - We should aim to become better versions of ourselves

DAY 006 - We should listen to our hearts

DAY 014 - Is anyone listening?

DAY 017 - When life gives you apples make snapps

DAY 023 - Let your inner beauty shine through

DAY 026 - Life is beautiful

DAY 030 - Looking through my lens

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