Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Bug Photography in Trinidad and Tobago

I did not set out to photograph this amount of bugs but I discovered that my D5000 with kit lens was capable of really close up shots with a good amount of detail. My auto focus has conked out and I am using manual focus exclusively. I call the vacant lot next to my home, "the swamp". That's where I venture to see what bugs are lurking. Be careful around bugs. Think about stings, bites, itching, allergic reactions and the likes. Wear proper footwear and clothing. Part of the adventure is identifying what I have photographed that day. Learning new things like bees have a pronounced antenna and flies don't. Mantids have 2 compound eyes and 3 simple eyes in between. A good account to follow on Instagram is @bugboy. If you know of any links that highlights the bugs of Trinidad and Tobago let me know. What bugs have you encountered before? This blog post is a work in progress.

Bush bug

Ceraunus Blue Butterfly

Dragon fly

Horse fly

Jack Spaniard

Some bug

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