Thursday, 26 July 2018

University of the West Indies - St Augustine

The university was founded in 1948. It has a rich history of educating scholars in the region. I recently visited the campus for a meeting. Last time I was in UWI was probably in 1996 to do the SAT exam and before that something to do with Computer Olympiad. The campus has nice open spaces and majestic buildings. The campus can easily be accessed from the PBR (priority bus route). In going I walked along Wooding Drive to get to LRC. In leaving I walked along the western side straight until Agostini Drive. Then continued towards Curepe, crossed to get to Massy Stores for some groceries and then to the green band maxi stand for transport to home in Cunupia.

Main admin building

Nice open spaces

Looking north towards PBR and northern range.

LRC greens

Back of the admin building

Me in the shade

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