Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Indian Expo - Big Tent In Macoya

It was an ordinary errands day but I took some time to check out the Indian Expo in Macoya, even though most of my money went to paying bills before then. There are a few Indian Expos scattered across Trinidad and they have been with us for many years now. It was an explosion of colours and textures. I had been transported to a side street of a market in Mumbai. My ears were filled with hindi chant music. From drums to furniture to clothing, my eyes lit up like a deya on Divali night. The creaky flooring added to the authenticity of the experience. I couldn't leave with my hands swinging and luckily I saw something I needed, a bamboo back scratcher.

Hand Painted Room Separators

Beautiful Furntiure

Colourful Bangles

Fancy Shalwals

Well Lit and Comfortable Space

Oriental Handicraft

Wooden Toy Truck

Before catching a maxi taxi to Macoya

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