Friday, 7 December 2018

Visit to La Vega Plant Shop

La Vega Plant Shop in San Fernando is an off shoot of La Vega Estate (pun intended). It is located in upper San Fernando. I have made it a habit to visit here, every time I visit San Fernando. Neatly laid rows of all varieties of ornamental plants, some fruit plants, other plants and gardening equipment. A beautiful wall water fall, pond and seating area, adds to the shop's appeal. It is walking distance from Carlton Center. The beauty and colors is sure to make you consider gardening as a hobby. According to their website, "many of the stock plants were hand-selected by owner, Bert Manhin, who is an avid plant collector and nature lover." I am making a point to point this out, as I observed the (last) name on the receipt and found it to be interesting. Turns out to be Chinese origin. Found that Niherst has a piece on him. At the end of that piece is stated, "Throughout his career, Mr Manhin has promoted horticulture in Trinidad and Tobago. He encourages young people to “remain positive and to never give up on their goals.” Some insight. Photographing in the capacity of a shopper limits your creativity and you have to be sort of low key. Not the same as a professional photo shoot.

See website -

Comfortable clean space

Seasonal Poinsettia

Beautiful wall water fall.

Pickery cacti.

This reminds me of, a burst of sunshine

Nice shade of purple mixed with green

Croton or my now name for these, "Tobago plant"

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