Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Photos From My Archive - Part 1

I was perusing my archives the other day and decided to pick some to share here. These would have never been shared on the blog before. Most are these would have been taken with mobile phone and shared on social media. I am always photographing and this should mean that I don't get rusty and at the same time, I am getting better. What better time to do this when most persons are doing "year in review" blog posts. These photos span several years though.

Entrance to Tobago Plantations

Me getting product shots in the QPS

End of a day in Chaguanas

This tree trunk stuck out against the beautifully clear sky when I was looking for mushrooms to photograph

Early morning walk. During that period of about 2 years, I walked more than 2000 km.

Sunflower close up

Not so easy to take a selfie with a DSLR. This after many tries.

Probably attending some event this day.

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